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Quality and business excellence can only be achieved when you build on a solid foundation of systems. The QED-QED Quality Systems Pyramid concentrates on the fundamental quality systems that are critical to business and compliant operations. The diagram below has direct links to specific areas of interest.

Complaint and Recall Management

Our industry is in the business of marketing products to prevent and/or to treat disease. As such the welfare of our users, the patients, are of extreme importance. An efficient and effective complaint and recall system is paramount to the survival of our products. Our consultants at QED-QED have worked with and developed systems of varying complexity to deal with complaints and recalls consistently and effectively. We can help you improve your complaints and recalls management through the development of a system in line with your operational needs.

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Failure Investigation

With many years’ R&D and commercial operational experience working with variety of products and processes, QED-QED consultants have the capabilities to design and develop a robust failure investigation system specific to meet the operational and business needs of your company using structured and proven techniques.

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Artwork Control

With forever changing market requirements and the complexity of product presentations, artwork control is key to ensure the correct information is supplied with the right product to the right market at the right time. A robust Artwork Control System will ensure that artwork is produced consistently and under control, acceptable to the relevant markets. Our consultants have the knowledge and tools to help you develop a system to ensure compliance.  

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Change Control

Operational changes are part of our daily routine, however the control of changes can be complex and challenging. QED-QED consultants have a successful track record for developing change control systems to manage the forever changing needs of business operations. We can develop a Change Control system specific to your needs using a structured approach and tools.

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Deviation Management

Even with optimised and validated products and processes, the complexity of pharmaceutical operations means that deviations do occur. Having a robust Deviation System will ensure that all deviations are investigated and managed effectively and in compliance. The consultants at QED-QED have in-depth hands-on experience to assist you in the development of a Deviation System to ensure regulatory compliance and to fit in with your business operations.  

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